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We were selected!

We couldn't be more excited!! JLS Childcare Team Centers are the proud recipient of the Early Language and Literacy Mini Grant by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement and Sandra Dunagan Deal Center for Early Language and Literacy at Georgia College. The Grant supports partnerships in projects targeting the language and literacy development needs of children ages zero to eight.

Our Team has worked hard to this grant and can't wait to get the ball rolling!

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This is wonderful news for the JLS Childcare Team but even better for you and your child!

The main purpose of the mini-grant is to increase literacy in children ages birth to eight. With two-thirds of Georgia’s third-graders not reading on grade level the JLS Childcare Team created BORN TO READ! Our focus will be age’s birth through fours; however our school age children will have all the same benefits. We will not only supporting literacy in our classrooms but in your home and throughout the community.

Here are a few FAQ regarding our mini-grant.

1. What does the grant do? It allows us to professionally train our teachers to become Literacy Coaches. The training will include the proper way of using books, technology, and other materials to boost literacy development of children ages zero to four.

2. How does this help my child? With the aid of the mini-grant our centers will not only train our teachers to effectively use books, technology and other literacy materials, but allow us the opportunity to purchase additional materials for the classroom. New items such as, books, listening centers with audio books, puppets, felt boards, hand held tablets and a 55” interactive HD smart table/board.

3. How does this help me? After our teachers are trained and are experienced Literacy Coaches we will begin a series of modeling workshops for you, our parents and caregivers! We will be offering short mini sessions within each center with different days and times so that we can accommodate most families. These mini sessions will not only teach you new techniques but also supply you with books or resources so you can use it at home.

4. Then what? Lastly, our plan is to reach out to our community. Our trained Literacy Coaches will work with the local libraries to hold several training sessions for the community. Not only will we be offer a training session, we will be able to supply a book bag of goodies for the community to use in their homes.

5. Can I help? Of course! You are welcome to be part of our community training sessions. As we get into this deeper just let the Director know your interests.

6. Do I have to do anything? Of course not! You do not have to do anything but we are in great hopes you will be able to stop for one of our mini sessions. We will work hard to make them short (approx. 30 min) and at different times (before or after drop off times, lunch times) just long enough to grab a “Bagel and a Book”.

7. Will this cost me anything? NO! The JLS Childcare Team will supply everything, even snacks!


Literacy is huge part of our daily lives…it is much more than just reading a book… We are so excited to be chosen to be part of this program and can’t wait for it to begin.

We are all BORN TO READ!

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