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Child Care Financial Assistance

Georgia offers many need-based services to families who are eligible. There's a central access point, COMPASS, to apply for these programs. 

COMPASS is Georgia's platform to apply for need-based programs and services. You can apply for the following programs on COMPASS:​)

  • Children and Parent Services (CAPS)

Beginning August 1, 2016, Georgia instituted a statewide funding restriction for the Childcare and Parent Services (CAPS) program. As of that date only new applicants who meet eligibility requirements AND who are a member of a priority group as defined in CAPS policy will be approved to receive child care assistance. CAPS policy defines priority groups as people who demonstrate the greatest need for child care assistance.

Georgia is instituting the funding restriction to ensure that the state is following federal guidelines mandated by the reauthorization of the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG). To maintain the state's prescribed CAPS funding without terminating child care assistance to families currently participating in the program, it is necessary to prioritize new families enrolling in CAPS based on specific needs.

Families currently participating in CAPS will continue to be served as long as eligibility requirements are met.

Applying to the Programs Above

To apply and determine if you're eligible for the programs listed above, please visit COMPASS by CLICKING HERE.


Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions that we are asked by parents researching child care options. If you are unable to find the answer to your question below, you can contact us at 478-953-7896 or email:



What are your hours of operation?

 Monday - Friday 6:00am-6:30pm.  



Are all 3 Centers the same?

Yes and No.  All 3 centers are locally owned and operated not a big corporation with cookie cutter facilities.  Therefore, the physical building do not look alike, however, the philosophy and concepts are carried through all 3 centers. All 3 centers must adhere to the same standards and practices.


How do you monitor who comes in and out of the building?

Our schools have a keyless entry pad on the main entrance or an interior lobby door to limit access to the facility by first time visitors. Upon enrolling your child, you will receive a code to enter the classroom area of the building. If you have notified us that a friend or family member will be picking up your child, they will be asked for identification to verify their identity before they are allowed access to the building for pick up. 


Are there cameras in the school?

Yes our centers have cameras.   Cameras are specifically for the directors to use in monitoring the classrooms. For the protection of the children, there is no streaming video on a website or a mobile app.



Do I need to bring food for my child?

Each of our centers provides an opportunity for a healthy breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack for the children as part of your tuition.  We use a rotating menu that was created using USDA guidelines and we cook foods that each child will enjoy.


Can I provide my own food?

No. Because we provide for food service for all children, we do not allow children to bring food into the school. Menu exceptions are allowed for children with documented religious or medical reasons. If a special diet is required, you may speak to the director about supplying the necessary food.   


Is it really Free?

Yes, Ga. Lottery Pre-K is free to any child that is 4 on or before Sept 1 of the current year.  We currently only have 22 spots available at our Warner Robins location.  Due to the limited number of spots it is advisable to call or come by early to get on the waiting list.

Please be aware that Pre-K is 8:30-3:00 for 180 days approx 10 months, 38 weeks, if additional care is needed beyond that there would be fees for those services.  (See Fee Schedule in JLS Parent Handbook)


Who will be caring for my child all day?

The staff at any JLS Childcare Team Center consists of teachers, administrators, and cooks that are passionate about early childhood education. Your child will be in a classroom with 1-2 teachers each day depending on the size of the class. Our teachers receive background checks, and fingerprinting before starting employment and most teachers are CPR and First Aid Certified.  Many of our teachers have their Technical College degrees.  We also provide online training courses all year round that are authorized by Bright from the Start, Georgia's Dept of Early Care and Learning.


What is the ratio in my child's classroom?

The ratio in each classroom follows the state requirements:  Infants 1:6, Toddlers 1:8, Twos 1:10, Threes 1:15, PreK 1:19, School Age 1:25

How do teachers handle discipline with my child?

There will be no physical punishment or threat of thereof (including but not limited to spanking, shaking, etc.)  Yelling, belittling or name calling will not be permitted. Food will never be withheld for any child for any reason.  Children will be redirected when possible. A “Safe Place” is used when a child needs to calm down and proper, age appropriate calming techniques are taught to the children.  We regard discipline as a learning situation. 

These strategies, as well as our biting policy can be found in our Parent Handbook.

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