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Welcome to our NEW website!

Jacob's Ladder Educational Childcare Team Welcomes you

to the new and improved website!

So Glad you stopped by!!

In an effort to streamline our centers we have adopted a new team name, "JLS Educational Childcare Team" aka "Jacobs Ladder Childcare Team". As a team Jacobs Ladder #1 (Centerville) and Jacobs Ladder #2 (Bonaire) and their litter sister center Sunshine Children's Academy (Warner Robins) have joined forces! You will find lots of new things...we are now mobile friendly!! You can contact us with 1 click phone calls, send emails direct and pay 24/7...eliminating any unnecessary late charges. (yes there is a convenience fee of 4%, however that is ALWAYS cheaper than $25 late charge!!)

Believe it or not there are many families out there that do not know about Jacobs Ladder's or Sunshine Centers....right, surprising!! Mostly because they are "hidden gems" (kindly referred too as!!) We are not located on major roadways and we don't spend a lot of money on advertising trying to cut our costs to save you in tuition.....we are nice like that :)

Our Centers are "home grown" not Big Box Corp. Our staff have been around for years...a lot of years and combined experience in childcare is well over 20 years!! How awesome is that??

God has blessed us with the ability to carry on a Christian Learning Center not in one place but in three. We have faced many obstacle in our country trying to take God out of our lives and our children's lives, namely one place schools!! We struggle to make it some days without all the governments and states financial help as many local centers and church provider get, but we remain faithful and full of hope that God's grace will shine on us and through you!

Our website is still a work in progress, and you will find links to our Facebook pages (which will be consolidating in the near future..hopefully...) The website will allow us to update you quickly on any Emergency situations, school closings or weather updates.

As in everything we do, our team is here to provide Top Quality Christian Childcare, we strive each day to make a safe, fun and educational place for your child, please feel free to email and share any opinions, comments or just to say hello.

Lastly, please share our page to your friends and family. We do have a referral program in which you can earn free childcare (see our parent handbook).


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