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Contest Time!

Do you recognize this big red wagon???

BIG radio flyer at Sunshine Children's Academy


The Big Radio Flyer Wagon has been around for quite a while, it was first featured in the Warner Robins Christmas Parade in 2005 and a few other years....

Over the years we have had many people stop and ask if they can take their picture by it, we have had it featured in other parades as well...but, incase you haven't seen the Big Red Wagon, (maybe you are at JL2 in Bonaire or at JL1 in Centerville) it found a permanent home at Sunshine Children's Academy in Warner Robins!


WELL....To our surprise it is highlighted in the "Picture This?" section (page 6) of the February 2018 Flint Energies

The link for Georgia Magazine features previous months so here's the detail blown up below.

If you click on the photo it will link you to entry email address to submit your entry!

We would love to see one of our JLS Childcare Team families win the $25.00 Target Gift Card!


Happy Guessing!!

OH, by the case you have never seen it, feel free to come by :)

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