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Severe Weather Threat to our Area Hurricane Irma

UPDATED 8:15pm 9/10/2017

We will be Closed Monday and Tuesday September 11-12, 2017 due to severe weather threat. Please subscribe our site so we can keep you up to date!


UPDATED 8;15pm pm 9/10/2017: We will be Closed Monday September 11 and Tuesday Sept 12, 2017 due to severe weather threat. Please subscribe our site so we can keep you up to date!


I think I will only take a few minutes of your time today and discuss the severe weather threat to our area. As it looks now Irma's path is headed our way.

The panic has set into Houston County over the last few days as grocery stores are sold out of water and I am sure as I type this every other essential is flying off the shelves!! (Micheal just called and said the roads are just backed up out there) At times like this we tend to get annoyed at the folks going crazy buying up all the essentials and hogging the road ways when it isn't' even early enough to know for sure...I am guilty of this at times myself...but it is important to be prepared. Thinking about the people in Houston that probably had the same thoughts and today they are in complete devastation with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

I pray that this storm is just a small storm for us but and that those in direct harms way seek shelter and safety.

We, the JLS Team are listening closely and following any and all warnings that come our way.

We will ensure your child's safety is of utmost importance, as well as our staff and our families!

To review our policy, we will follow Houston County Schools direction as to closing our center. We will also notify 13WMAZ of our closing, however they sometimes take longer to update their website and broadcast with daycare closings. If you hear Houston County Schools are closed know with certainty we will be closed too! Please check our website and facebook as well!!

Click on the icon for a Hurricane Safety Checklist

We pray for those that have been affected by the hurricane, those that have already evacuated, those in transit and those that prepare. May God watch over you, give you strength and provide you with patiences as you move throughout the weekend. God guide those who are in need of a safe route away from the storm and to you. May we all stay humble in this time of need. Micah 7:7 , We may never understand His wisdom , but we simply have to trust His will for our lives. He will never leave us nor He will forsake us.


In closing, we had another great week at the centers. Erica has been working on a new newsletter for all the centers! Your child will bring one home and I will post on here incase you didn't see it (not because you threw it in the trash ....but because you only have time when you're in the bathroom hiding from your children!)

Our last tidbit to share: We are getting a stop light right near the Bonaire Location on 247! For those of us that go there, heck even for those that don't but travel that road...can you say Wonderful (sang in my highest pitch)! We are so excited, with all the construction over in that area it has been a struggle getting in and out of there!

Hwy 247 near 96 interstection

Have a great weekend, thanks for stopping by!


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