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Friday Funday!

Hello and Happy Friday!


Just sharing a few pixs from the centers today...

Picture day was a success at Jacob's Ladder #1...

Great day at Sunshine Children's Academy...a little free play!

The children made these awesome scarecrows!

All aboard the fall craft train at Jacob's Ladder #2 today!


I think we are almost ready for the Fall Festival tomorrow! Just printing a few more things out to hand out. Please help us spread the word about the JLS Childcare Team!!

If you notice the "Born to Read" sign, it is a campaign we are trying to launch. We are currently in the process of applying for a Early Language and Literacy Mini-Grant with the Governor's Office of Student Achievement, it is a joint effort between GOSA and the Sandra Dunagan Deal Center for Early Language and Literacy at Georgia College.

Literacy begins at birth (yeah I was kind of shocked myself) but it does, so we are hoping to learn and then share all about it. Be praying for us as we go through this journey!

I will update you as we know more about it, but have no worries, even without the grant it is something we will incorporate into our centers!

So for now I am back to the printer to finish up.....

Come out and say hello! We will have some goodies for you to take home...and yes we are giving each child a book (as supplies last) ......Born to Read, promoting Early LIteracy Skills in Houston County- JLS Childcare Team!!!

Have a great weekend!


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