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Hello Families!! Happy Friday!

Good Friday to everyone! We had a great week at all the centers as we are finally settling into a "back to school" routine!

I am new to this blogging thing so for now I am just going to try to keep everyone up to date on center happenings.

We are so excited about the new website, so please please (yes I am kind of begging) share it to your friends and family! I would love to get as much traffic to the web page so that we can be #1 in the web search for childcare!


Another website note: Just a reminder that the paypal feature is up and running. You can pay via paypal anytime. We can also send you and invoice via paypal if you would like us to. This is a great option, especially, if you are not able to drop off payment before noon on Tuesday, it will save you the $25 late fee!!


We are very proud of our staff! Erica, Lisa, JoeAnn and Tonya do a great job of keeping the center "going and flowing"!! Unfortunately they don't hear that much so I thought I'd share it publicly!!! Daily they ensure your children are safe and happy...they are managing the teachers, making sure the meals are cooked, keeping the centers clean, keeping up with all the State regulations, plus a million other things, as well as, taking care of any concerns you may have. We have an open door policy so if there is ever a problem or concern or you want to share something positive, please discuss it with one of the ladies ( or email) and I know it will get taken care of!


Exciting fun for next week...what is it you ask??? Well, Lisa came up with this great idea....Rock Painting! We are going to join the craze! All our children will be rock painting, even our infants?! <<say what??, yep, our infants!! Can't wait to see all their masterpieces! Don't worry if you can't hide them, we (as in my 16 yr old and her friends & other adults) will be hiding them around Houston County! We will post before we hide, it is going to be fun, we are all pretty excited! Rocks will be here next week so stay tuned!! If you're unsure what this painted rock craze is, look on facebook, Warner Robins Rocks, Houston County GA Rocks.


As I close, hoping you found this somewhat fun to read....we thank you for your continued patronage.


Bless God

Bless Others

Be the Blessing

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