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What's been going on this week!

Good Afternoon families!

So, what's been going on this week...oh you know...just helping ALL YOU GREAT PEOPLE raise the future of America!!!

Rocks have been delivered to the centers, this project will take us a few day but I will keep you posted. I'm really excited to see what our teachers come up with :)

Ok so just a glimpse of this week:


Jacobs Ladder #1, Centerville had a special visitor to come read.

Mr Bush took a few minutes to remind the children that it doesn't matter how old you are, God can still help you do important things!

  • Quick Bio: Michael (for those that may not know) is an owner of JLS Childcare Team. If you see him around the centers he is usually fixing something that is broke but spends most of his time selling real estate with Coldwell Banker SSK. {Ok, shameless plug for his real estate business...ya know if you ever need a great realtor!!}

They read and talked about David and Goliath. Through his faith in God, David was able to overcome what others thought impossible. and let's not forget that this little boy, David, could ONLY have defeated Goliath with God's help. David was a shepherd. God had a plan for him: to one day be King. This victory over Goliath is a story of the strong faith in God of young boy and of him following God's plan for him. God has a plan for each of us (Jeremiah 29:11).

Printable Mini Book - David & Goliath
printable coloring page

Here are 2 printables thanks to

(click on the pictures to print)

Jeremiah 29:11 coloring sheet David and Goliath mini book


Jacob's Ladder #2, Bonaire got their groove on!!

Side not about video, it seem when it's over youtube automatically puts an add of something else up to watch unrelated to the center..sorry don't know how to fix that yet!

Ms. Carla's class were singing and dancing with scarves....yes, I realize this picture was taken from the hallway...Ms. JoeAnn knew she would have changed the mood immediately had she walked into the classroom with her camera!!! I love to see them play with scarves, well I love music also (Me:big karaoke fan that can't carry a tune). I have read many studies on the benefits of music for children, all ages; prenatal and up but recently found benefits in scarf play as well. Scarves are a valuable prop while listening and playing with music. What looks like just play and games is actually enhancing your child's development- even more so when it is linked with music!

Some benefits are:

  • Sparking imagination as we explore all kinds of ways to play with our scarves

  • Teaching directional tracking as we visually track our scarves’ movement

  • Improving eye-hand coordination as we play catch or peekaboo

  • Increasing vocabulary as we verbally describe what we are doing with our scarves

  • Sharpening listening skills as we move our scarves based on musical or verbal cues

  • Practicing inhibitory skills as we start and stop our movements with the scarves

In my quest to learn more about the benefits of scarf play I stumbled on a company called Markard Music, founded by Marlene Markard from Hamptons, New York. Malene is a classical trained pianist, an advocate for early childhood music education, and much more! She did an entire blog regarding Scarf Play. (interesting read)

Would love to know if we have anyone out there that might be interested in sharing their musical talents with the center- talk to the Director or email me! We have access to a keyboard! My wheels are turning 14 year old son is in band and plays the trumpet...hmmm trumpet....maybe a bit much for toddlers??!!


Sunshine Children's Academy, Warner Robins, napping

(OK - napping? why..yes napping!)

nap time!

Wouldn't it be so nice if our bosses would feed us lunch then get our our own cots with our own sheet and blanket, put on soft music and let us take a nap! Oh dare to dream.......

Being a mom I can tell you the benefits my napping children gave me but this isn't about us moms, lol... (took a shower, cleaned, napped.....really I could go on for hours on the benefits I got with my children napping!!)

On a more serious note, napping is so important! From an instructional position I have believed in the benefits I could see in children that napped in my care. Of course infants and toddlers sleep more than an preschooler and eventually they do grow out of napping. I have read some controversy on whether PreK or Kindergarteners should nap and I believe they should. Now I am older than a lot of you- back when I was in Kindergarden we only went 1/2 days, either am or pm, either class, the school was getting "fresh" (meaning coming in after a good sleep) children. That to me is the key; when your mind is "fresh"! Children are more engaged, more focused and try when they are well rested. Personally I always am at the best of my game in the mornings!

This is an article from NIH from US Dept of Health and Humans Services: Naps Can Help Preschool Children Learn.


So there you have it... a few tidbits from this week! So much more does happen each day in every classroom to which we will be sharing with you weekly, heck, maybe more I've said in the past blogs- I am still new to this!

What's coming up?? Glad you want to know! Our teams are working hard creating ideas that we can help you!

  • PNO parents night out / (after hours special childcare)

  • DPU /Dinner Pick Up (pre purchase family meals ready at Center when you pick up your child)

  • special discounts and coupons from local business- as well as, discounts off your weekly childcare bill....keep your eyes peeled :)

Thanks for stopping by, hope you found some of the information interesting...we will chat again next week!

Be Blessed!

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