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Goodbye August- Hello September

Can you believe it is September...only 4 months to Christmas...bring on the pumpkins so we can get to Santa :) All that being said and it is 90 degrees 60% humidity, guess we won't worry about sweaters just yet!!

I hope everyone has had an awesome week and those that did not or are struggling with something just remember:

Give your worries to Jesus. Cast all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. ~1 Peter 5:7


So much was happening around the centers this week! So I will begin with welcoming a new baby!

Welcome Baby Nicholas!

Welcome Nicholas Alanda Smith Jr. Born 8/29/17 2:43pm, a healthy 10 lbs 3 oz! He is the Brother of Cherish Smith from JL#2. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Smith!


So on the tails of a newborn baby I must take you into Ms Rosa's infant class

(so sorry for the poor video quality)

Ms Rosa is having her daily devotional with the children (as you will hear someone was pretty excited to know that God made everyone, especially Ms Rosa!) She has been taking care of babies for a long time and her reputation is well known for being the best! (although, I must add.... all our teachers are the best!)

Jesus loves the little Children and so does Ms Rosa!!


Next up! Rock Painting...we have began!

Rock Painting at Jacobs Ladder
Rock Painting at Sunshine
Rock Painting at Sunshine
little feet and fingerprint bees!

Just a peek into the fun...we have many rocks to hide be sure to check on facebook- Warner Robins Rocks

Centerville Rocks

Perry Rocks Georgia

We are still making and hiding...let us know if you find any!!


What else, so glad you asked! We are trying to make our families lives simpler..if that is really even possible??!!

Our Ladies with the JLS Childcare Team have decided they want to have dinner ready for you when you pick up your child...doesn't that sound awesome?! I mean really, how great is that- and no, we are not talking McDonalds or Pizza (although I confess, I love both)..we are talking BBQ! Tonya from Sunshine will be smoking the meat (YES ladies can smoke meat!) and the rest of the staff are putting together BBQ plate. They are selling them for $8 adult, $6 child- I realize it is more costly than Mickey D's but it will be homemade, prepared by the JLS Team! Get your orders in now!

We are considering making No Cook Night a regular thing, considering casseroles that are homemade and already cooked, you just warm and serve....Lasagna, Chicken Enchiladas, Chicken Divan....sounds yummy! Let the staff know what you think or send me an email if it sounds like it might make your life easier and want us to give it a try!


Speaking of yummy food...what did you have for lunch? Bet it wasn't chicken drumstick with red, yellow and green peppers along with a AMAZING fruit salad of Kiwi, red and yellow papaya, guava and pineapple..oh, and don't forget the BBQ sauce, well because everything tastes good with BBQ sauce! (BBQ sauce not pictured)

And look we made salad to go along with this meal.....get that, we made salad ...... out of paper and don't just have to eat healthy food you can craft with it too!


So to come to a close I will end with a few snapshots from this week and an awesome video from Ms Bianca's class! Seriously guys.....there is so much going on that I want to share, I really think I need to post more than once a week! Before I say goodbye for tonight, remember we are closed Monday, September 4th for Labor day!

In closing, our lives are busy but rich, we have great days and we have bad days but we are blessed beyond measure to have the days we do and the people we get to share them with. We take it to heart and feel privileged to be able to spend the day with your children.


Prayers for a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend

Ms Kerissa reading a story!

Helpers, always need good help!
more helpers!

Ms Brandi's class small group!
Ms Bre's class - say cheese!

Ms Bianca's class learning about the body


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